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Hey there! I’m Katie Neal and for as long as I can remember everyone has said my name as if it were one word, katieneal.

Raised in the heart of the Midwest, I moved from the booming metropolis of Bartonville, Illinois in 2012 and chased my dreams to New York City. So cliché, I know.

Now I live downtown with three of my best friends. Two guys and two girls all crammed into a tiny New York apartment. No, no one is in love. And yes, the whole situation confuses my parents. It’s like living in a sitcom 24/7.

I’ve been known to be a teeny tiny bit dramatic. I’ll eat practically anything with Sriracha on it. I love any excuse to get dressed up or wear a big hat. Most days I’m sure I’ll die of a broken heart if I don’t get a puppy. And while I didn’t get into Hogwarts, I did study abroad in England. So I like to think I’m a wizard, but really, I’m just your poster child millennial.

I got my start in radio in Normal, Illinois, when I wandered into 103.3 WZND in college. From there I went to Cumulus Bloomington’s 101.5 WBNQ before eventually fast talking my way into a transfer to the Big Apple. I couldn’t be happier to be here best city in the world with NASH FM 94.7 team!

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